10 Reasons Why Password Manager Apps are Safe

Last Saturday I had a conversation with a friend of mine about online data and how someone can manage creating numerous accounts for personal use or marketing purposes. The problem most users face when they subscribe to newsletters to receive goodies, create social media accounts or sign up in forums is the number of usernames and passwords they need to create.

One of the most sensitive forms of data is passwords as they are the main forms of authentication within the internet that allow users to gain access to certain privileges.

Because of the nature of how sensitive passwords are, password manager apps were developed. These are applications that simply put; manage your passwords for you. It is like a digital safe that generates strong passwords for all your accounts and keeps them safe. So, are all these password manager apps safe? We have researched and found 10 reasons why you should use them!

1. They Develop Unique Pass Phrases for Every Account

In most cases, people that don’t use password manager apps have one or two password cutting across all their accounts. This makes them less secure because if someone manages to get the password to one of those accounts, they can certainly find and access all other personal, social and banking accounts too! Password manager apps generate different and unique passwords for all your accounts.

2. They Remember your Passwords for You

All your passwords generated by the app are stored in a vault with just one master password. So, all you need to do is remember the master password that allows you to access the vault with all the other passwords.

3. They Develop Very Strong Passwords

The passwords generated by these apps are very strong and do not relate to the user in any way. They are a combination of letters, numbers and even symbols that can barely be remembered by the human brain. This makes these apps ideal for any individual, business or corporation who have to manage hundreds of websites, programs and emails.

4. Authentication is Simplified

These applications auto fill your credentials when you are logging into your accounts. If you for instance want to login to your social media account, the application will automatically fill your details through an extension that is installed in your browser or you could simply copy and paste your credentials straight from the app.

5. Your Passwords are Encrypted

You do not have to worry if the password manager service provider will have access to your passwords because all every single pass phrase is fully encrypted with powerful algorithms (AES256 bit) within the app and it is only decrypted on your device. This ensures full security as literally no one can view your passwords.

6. The Apps are Cross-Platform

No matter which operating system you are working from, there is always a password manager that is fully serving that platform. If anything, almost all these applications are found across all operating systems, from PC to MacOS, iOS and Android devices.

7. You can Generate Unlimited Passwords

Most of these applications allow for the user to generate almost an unlimited number of passwords. You can use the application to generate passwords for all accounts you are signed-in and never have to worry about knowing or remembering any of them.

8. The applications are Easy to Use

Because of the task they are performing, these applications are very simple with a very user-friendly interface anyone can use. It’s simple, you generate the passwords, they are stored in a vault and you can retrieve them whenever you want. Every time you want to create a new account on the web, you will be offered to save the credentials in the app. When you want to login again, you can use the app to fill the username and password fields within a click.

9. The Apps can be Mobile

If you are using an offline password manager, you can carry your passwords in a flash disk and travel around the world without worrying. Also, if you use a web-based manager, you can login into your vault and access the password anywhere on earth. In case you lose it, worry not. Nobody can access your passwords without your master password.

10. They are Free or very Affordable!

Most of these password manager apps are free or super affordable. Most of them offer free features but a good password manager service provides syncing through all your devices with some extra cost. It is usually between $10 and $25 a year! We recommend Roboform which is one of the best apps in the market (and really cheap). I mean, how cool is that?


There you have it, 10 reasons why you should have a password manager app. It will save you a lot of time and effort and make your online life so much easier.