Best Password Manager for Business Use

We review the best password manager for business. Password software is extremely useful for online work because it increases your productivity and reduces time looking up for your ID information when you login to multiple online accounts.

I personally use one since 2010 when I first started working online and needed to create new accounts for my online business. It is really helpful to have all your passwords together in one single click. It is so easy to use and definitely can be your number one tool.

Best Password Manager for Business

I don’t remember the last time I used a Word document to save all my account information and secret phrases. I do remember that I had to open the file each time I needed to type the user’s ID details. After a while a friend of mine told me I could use a software and save all my passwords into one place. In the beginning I didn’t want to do that because I didn’t trust storing all my private account information in the cloud.

Soon I realized this was a mistake. Everything nowadays is in the cloud and the cloud was created for this exact reason, to solve many similar problems like mine. So why not use it? I wanted to put fear away and start working productively. Then I did a bit of research and found Roboform Everywhere which is among top rated password managers. This extremely unique program allows you to store all your passwords among any device you want, either it is a desktop, laptop or mobile and access your accounts with one-click login! Pretty awesome right?

After buying a subscription from the official website, you can download and install password manager Roboform in your computer. It will ask if you want to use it in your existing browser so it can add a green icon that looks like a robot (for Google Chrome users). After installation, you can either create a new login or type your user name and secret phrase on the account you’re about to enter. When you click login, the application will ask you to save the information in a log file. That’s it, now you’re in and the next time you won’t have to worry about it. You’ll just click the green robot and voila, you’re in your account!

You can also access all your passwords through the Editor which is also installed in the main folder. You can have all your account logins everywhere you go. If you have internet access, you can login to your Roboform Everywhere account and find logins that you stored before. It’s really easy to use, quick to logging into accounts and also create notes for each account.


Roboform is a product of Siber Systems, Inc. They offer high quality services, online 24/7 support and great pricing! You can buy an annual subscription for $19,95, a 3 year plan for $49.95 and 5 year plan for $74.95. You can find more coupons and a Roboform renewal discount code in this page.

Roboform is the best password manager software for small businesses but if you decide you don’t like it for any reason, you can get a full refund within 30 days of signing up. Try it and let us know in the comments section below what you think.