Hostgator Review: How to Get 1 Year Shared Hosting for Just Under $4 per Month

Choosing a new web hosting service for my website wasn’t easy. I had to search among hundreds of brands to decide which was best, cheap and had good support. It’s essential to do research before spending money on hosting. You can save time, money and lots of frustration!

Hostgator Review

Either you own a domain name and want to migrate your site to a new hosting account or start from scratch and create a new one, Hostgator is a good choice. I already had a domain so I just wanted the migration part.

After a lot of research, I came to the conclusion that is one of the best hosting providers in the market. It’s not quite the cheapest one, but it has great customer service and technical support, which to me is the most important factor when selecting a web-hosting service. Here are a few advantages I found about Hostgator:


Plans start at $3.99/month if you are looking for a shared hosting account. Shared hosting is the most common to start a new website. This means you will share the “space” on a server with other website owners. It’s a good solution if you’re looking for something cheap to start and then depending on your site’s performance, you can decide if you want to upgrade to a dedicated server plan which is for business use and more data usage.

How to Get 1 Year Shared Hosting for Just Under $4 per Month

Hostgator is giving away coupons and discounts regularly. This code “rsosaveas2new” will give you 62% OFF. If this seasonal promotion doesn’t work, head over to this website for more coupon codes. Hostgator is active on social media too. Follow them on Twitter or Facebook and get updates on new plans, pricing and season deals.

Technical Support

Support comes first. This is the most important part in a web hosting company. You can be satisfied with the price, the user interface, the tools or other applications and features but if support is not good, you lose! I remember having an issue with another popular hosting service a while ago and when I had a downtime issue I had to wait for at least 20 minutes to chat live with the customer service. It was so frustrating. Hostgator has amazing technical support and very quick response.

Customer Reviews

The best way to learn about a service is to read reviews from real customers. If you own a business and you’re serious about making a profit with your website, you need to know what’s working or not, real issues, technical problems, etc. Customer reviews will give you an idea of what the service is all about.

Last Thoughts

Overall Hostgator provides reliable hosting services for individuals and businesses. It gives you plenty of features and good pricing. Every new package comes with a 45 day money back guarantee so even if you don’t like their services you don’t loose your money! Check more web hosting reviews in our blog.