Norton Family Parental Controls Review – Why is it so Important to Buy?

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The best way to protect your computer, data and online activity of your children, is to use Norton Online Family Premier. Norton is the world’s top online security software and has developed parental controls to securely prevent online predators from accessing data while our kids browse the web.

I am a mother of two young beautiful children that I adore, and as every mother out there with young adolescents, I am on the verge of freaking out. For some time now, I have been worrying about what my children access online when they are not under my direct supervision. I knew they could visit dangerous sites and wanted to prevent them from doing this.

Another thing that gave me sleepless nights is a scenario where someone would install a malicious software with the aim of obtaining unauthorised information from my computer. As I was wondering if there was a solution for these two key issues, a friend suggested that I install Norton Security Deluxe, an antivirus software created by Symantec.

What is Norton Security Suite

I did my research online and found out that Norton Security could help put me a step ahead of online threats with its comprehensive mix of superior technologies that would help in threat identification, outsmarting identity thefts and which helps to back up files automatically. What’s more is that it assisted my personal computer restore its horsepower to the maximum. Among the features which the Norton Security Deluxe software offers are:

  • It protects your personal computer comprehensively against social media dangers and spam.
  • It helps to boost the overall performance of your computer.
  • It has the power to neutralize threats and infections which other software cannot.
  • It backs up important things to your local storage, so you won’t have to worry about losing your important documents.
  • It helps to remember your passwords and secures them as you enter and this means that you can never lose or get them stolen.
  • Norton shows all networks and devices that are connected to your home hence you can always know who is using your wireless connection.
  • The antivirus is able to prevent unauthorised installations therefore making it very hard for someone else to install a malicious software on your computer.
  • The installation procedure is easy, simple and straightforward.

What Does Norton Online Family Premier Do

Another great product by Symantec is Norton Family Parentals Control software. This program combined with Norton Security gives you the ultimate control of every action taken by any user on the home computer all family members use. Even guests and friends of my kids can use the computer which is totally safe and secure. What does actually Norton Family software controls:

  • It lets you control all the websites and block inappropriate content and websites that are harmful.
  • It can give you information about what your kids search online
  • It lets you set time limits so the kids can’t use the computer late at night or spend time online while studying
  • Get email reports about your children’s online activity
  • Take actions remotely if you’re not at home

I checked the vendor’s website and discovered that I had the privilege to enjoy advanced protection at a price of $80 per year. It’s able to protect five devices running Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android.

With an additional $10, you can enjoy a backup space of 25GB of cloud storage and additional five device licenses.

Coupons and Promotional Discounts

I was positively surprised when after further research I found a Norton coupon code which I used at the check-out page, just before the payment, and gave me a $90 OFF discount on the final price!

Then I plugged in an activation code on the company’s website and started downloading Norton Security and Norton Family. The entire process took slightly over 10 minutes and required to restart my computer. The interface is great looking and easy to deal with.

After I was done, I knew I could rest assured my kids couldn’t log into prohibited sites and nobody could install malicious software on my PC.


I would definitely recommend Norton products to any of you who want to secure their computer, data and all online activities. It is mandatory to have installed in all our computers a software with virus and malware detection, parental controls and ID Theft protection.

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