Roboform Coupon: We Answer All Your Questions

Q: Does Roboform issue official coupons?

A: Yes, you can find official coupon codes here:

Click to Reveal Discount Code

Q: How do I use the coupon code?

A: You can use the code at the shopping cart page, just before the checkout page. Enter the code in the coupon box and click APPLY in the left side area where it says “Discount Code” (See the image below).

Q: My code is not working, what should I do?

A: If your coupon code is not working try to type it again and click APPLY. Make sure the code is properly placed without any spaces or commas before and after. If it still doesn’t work, that means 1) your code must be expired, or 2) the code you have used is not active or real.

Q: How do I recognize if my code is fake?

A: Usually, Roboform places their official offers and sales on top of their website in their homepage. If the code you have found online is not working, it might not have been officially issued by Roboform or it has been expired.

Q: How much can I save using a discount code?

A: You can use a discount code for Roboform to save a significant amount of money depending on the current sale (i.e. Black Friday sale is 35% off). Here’s how much you can save:

Individual Plan – 1 user – Standard Price

  • 1 year for $23.88
  • 3 years for $71.64
  • 5 years for $119.40

Individual Plan – 1 user – 35% OFF (after applying the coupon code)

  • 1 year for $15.50
  • 3 years for $46.50
  • 5 years for $77.50

Family Plan – 5 users – Standard Price

  • 1 year for $47.75
  • 3 years for $143.25
  • 5 years for $238.75

Family Plan – 5 users – 35% OFF (after applying the coupon code)

  • 1 year for $31.00
  • 3 years for $93.00
  • 5 years for $155.00

Q: Does the sale apply to all plans? (Individual, family and business)

A: The sale apply ONLY on the INDIVIDUAL and FAMILY plans, NOT the business plan.

Q: Is there any discount for the Roboform business plan?

A: Roboform is already giving up to 25% off in the business plan for 3 or 5 year subscriptions.

Q: In what currency I can pay my subscription?

A: You can pay in the following currencies:

  • USD
  • EUR
  • JPY
  • GBP
  • AUD
  • CAD

Q: What is the main difference between FREE and EVERYWHERE versions?

A: The FREE version is for those who use a single device and they can use the stored passwords only in one location while the EVERYWHERE version will sync all your passwords in all your devices, it will create a cloud backup and it will also give you two factor authentication for better security over your account.

Q: How to Find and Apply Official Roboform Discount Codes

A: is participating in Roboform affiliate program which means we get to know a few hours earlier if an official offer has issued. Usually marketers create product pages in order to promote software like Roboform and in most cases they provide fake or expired coupon codes. How can you identify if Roboform has released officially a coupon or valid promo code?

Currently (November 2018) Roboform officially issued Black Friday coupon code 35% Off.

Use the steps below to apply the discount code and get more for less.

1. Copy the coupon code that will be revealed by clicking this message.

2. Decide which plan you want to purchase, Individual, Family or Business and select the period of your subscription (1,3 or 5 years). The more the years you add, the better the discount!

3. Click on the “Add to cart” button to proceed to the shopping cart page.

4. Enter the coupon code (from the pop up window you have clicked before) in the coupon box placed on the left side of your screen and click “APPLY“.

5. Click the “CHECKOUT” button to proceed in to billing and payment page while you need to fill all your contact and billing information.

Roboform Family Package Notes

The family package is priced a little higher than the individual package. However, the good thing with the family package is that it can accommodate up to 5 separate individual accounts. If you have several family members, then this is the best option. You will get better offers than the individual account and save up to 25% compared to those who have taken single individual accounts.

Roboform Business Package Notes

The business package is tailor-made for businesses and is billed annually. With this package, your business will get several advantages including a central management of all your business data, free backups, improved security policies, and unlimited sharing groups.

Q: How You Can Take Advantage of Different Offers on Roboform Website

A: Roboform has different promotional programs. Some of these programs are regular ones while others are based on seasons. Currently, Roboform is having a Black Friday Sale promotion which will see you save 35% of the purchase price. This offer is meant for “Everywhere” and “Family” subscriptions. You need to take advantage of this offer since it ends by 2nd November.

Roboform also has a free subscription offer for college students. If you are a college student, you need to sign up using your college email to benefit from this offer. With this offer, you will get a one-year free subscription and then start paying $12 dollars per year after the expiry of the free offer. This offer sounds quite attractive for college students who are sometimes cash-strapped. If you fall under this category, then this could be the best offer for you.

If you have been struggling with keeping a list of passwords for your different online accounts, then Roboform intuitive app could be the best for you. According to me, their pricing is not that quite high compared with the benefits which you will derive from such a product. For those seeking for a one-stop platform to store their login credentials, the Roboform app stands out as one of the best platforms to accomplish such tasks.